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Course content of family constellations

Course content is based on work with family constellations according to Bert and Sophie Hellinger. Candidates are building up their constellation. The payment for the course is a payment for an attendance.
Each participant does not have to have their own constellation. If they are not aware of this they should consider their attendance.

Constellations are experiential method of viewing to relations,

they are the way how to look at the place, 

where the cause of problem is, how to get an important clue to its solution

and how to solve it in a comfortable way.
The method shows hidden power
that works and influences our life
it creates a space for refounding our personal strength,
accepting and enjoying our life to the fullest.
During one hour of constellation happen so many things 
that normally would take years to be processed.

What to know before attending the course:

The workshops of family and systemic constellations are designed for the general public so no consultation in advance is required there. However, all participants should be older than 18 year. If he is treated by psychologist or psychiatrist, the participant should inform his attending doctor about taking part in the workshop or come there with him. He should be also aware of that the constellations are not a compensation for the health, mental or psychometric care and that he is responsible for himself during the whole workshop.

If you decide to take part in the workshop it is useful to know the basic facts about your family of origin and should you be in relationship then also know the facts about your present family. If you can’t get those facts, it is no problem; the constellation is possible to set even for people who are e.g. adopted and don’t know anything about their biologic family.

The closest family of origin consists of us, our siblings, half-siblings, parents, siblings and half-siblings of our parents, mates of our parents, their former husbands and wives and sometimes even grandparents. The present family consists of us, our mate, children and our former mates. Drawing of our own family genogram can be helpful too. It is good to get John Bradshaw’s book Family Secrets in which he explains how to make a family genogram. The genogram represents the visual map of our family tree in which we can chart the data of family relations throughout several generations. Using the genogram, we can find the red line that passes throughout the generations and has an influence on our life.

What facts are good to know:

  • Has any member of the family died early? That means before the age of 50 years, let’s not forget the interruptions.
  • Has anybody died in a war or because of a war?
  • Has anybody taken part in a war or in legions?
  • Has any member of the family caused an involuntary manslaughter or been a victim of some?
  • Has there been a murderer or a victim of murder (e.g. of jealousy, revenge, for the property etc.) in the family?
  • Has anybody committed a suicide?
  • Have there been orphans, illegitimate children or has anybody had a particularly difficult fate in the family?
  • Has anybody been in a concentration camp, gulag, resistance movement, guerrilla forces or politically persecuted?
  • Has anybody been imprisoned, even for political or economic reasons?
  • Has anybody been exiled or has anybody went into exile voluntarily? Has anybody been living abroad?
  • Has your family lost a property for any reason? Has there been outcast the firstborn by any chance?
  • Has there been anybody in the family who wasn’t allowed to marry his true love?
  • Has any member of the family been in the monastery or convent?
  • Has there been anybody a missionary abroad?
  • Divorces, separations, severance within the family
  • Handicapped members of the family (mentally or physically)
  • Has anybody been long-term hospitalized?
  • Addictions within the family; e.g. on alcohol, drugs, food, relations etc.
  • Have there been any secrets in the family – taboos or issues that can’t be spoken of?
  • Special fates in the family – strangers
  • Has any member of the family been adopted or put up for adoption?

It is necessary to properly fill the declaration of self-responsibility before the workshop. It is not possible to take part in the workshop without this declaration.

It is not permitted to consume alcohol or drugs during the workshop.

You can bring some snack and drink for yourself to Family constellations workshop, eventually more comfortable clothes or slippers too. Also notebook and pencil if you need. There are breaks for refreshing and lunch during the workshop.



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