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Aura-soma - the harmony of body and soul

Aura-soma belongs to modern complex therapy. It is quite unique method that is a synthesis of plant energies and colour therapy. We all know well that physical diseases are the "last outcry" of our being. Aura-soma works with causes and contexts of the "disease" that can be manifested through behaving, acting or within our body system. Aura-soma is called to be the cure of the soul. It means, it can harmonize the spiritual, emotional and physical levels of our being and help to find our inner guidance. The imbalances can manifest themselves for example when we loose our temper easily or we ain´t able to express ourselves, to tell what we desire, we have many barriers or we find other people more important then they are. We might blush too much or we loose control quickly. Of course these are all natural human expressions, however, they show us not quite balanced and harmonical state. Therefore we talk about imbalances. At the moment when these imbalances begin to iritate us in energies, as that´s the way we could see the imbalances as well, and when we feel we would like to do something about ourselves, we start watching out for the door with huge sign "work on oneself", behind which awaits us enormous amount of various methods and therapies. They can help us in our adventurous self-educating and self-improving. By self-improving we don´t mean we should try to brush up ourselves into some sort of perfect Selves, but rather, that we should be trying to be ourselves in better way, that we gonna live our life fully. And so, the Aura-soma is a beautiful and strong companion on the way to a more conscious, autentic life.

The base of this system is set of two-coloured bottles Equilibrium, meaning "balance", that are made of oil and water 1:1. They contain the extracts from flowers, energy of mineral stones and coloures. The emulsion that is created after shaking with the content is meant to be spread on a person´s body. Amongst the others there are also the colourfull and fragrant energetical substances, so called Pomanders. Their main function is to strenghten and harmonize the aura and make a better protection. They may be embalmed into the aura and their effect is usually immediate. The third basic devise is Kvintesence, the energetical substances that are made to contact the higher, master energies. Every colour transmits the information, the principles and quality. The Kvintesences are well to be used before any meditation. It´s mostly Sun, Butterfly and Sea esences. Their energetical frequency is very strong as it contains the vibration of colours the closest to its source. The work with these esences will be undoubtedly the huge contribution in medicine and on all our individual ways. The sea esences are the solid aid at solving and curing our relationships, negative energetic fields that limit our good functioning, the expressions and communication with others.

Aura-soma as a medical method has its own specifics. For its understanding it´s important to look at the conection of conceptions "dis-ease", responsibility and conscious dealing. The healing process can be marked as acute help in physical or psychical problem or in case of sorting out the cause, which means the work on an emotional, mental or spiritual level. Aura-Soma works mainly the second way mentioned. How is that working? Every man carries withing himself plenty of experiences, emotions, models, habbits and ways of reactioning. We usually have the tendencies to continuously repeat them and make them even stronger. Lots of such reactions happen unconsciously, which is of course the problem, because if we don´t know about anything, we neither have control over it. What we cannot see becomes its own master in our house, if something manipulates us from within unconsciously we aren´t the proper "steersmen" of our existence. This way we are getting to the concept of disease. Dis-ease is something what we cannot control, it´s out of reach from our conscious participation. How to help ourselves? Especially by the enthusiasm to realize what works in our unconsciousness, and then by counscious attempt to change this model of reactioning. This way and no toher we can overtake the control and responsibilty for what we do and how we live. The aspect of responsibility is very important in Aura-Soma. The bottles are being choosen by everyone by themsleves. It´s good not to rely on anyone else, to choose intuitively the coloured combinations and then go throught the healing process alone. This way we consciously change into a more liberated man. It´s said that God gave an ability to think and the right of choice to a man. How little we make choices in the reality though, how little are we creatively present in our polo-automatic lives.

By the application of Aura-soma, there begins to happen some sort of realizing process within ourselves. The things or events that usually drove us mad before, are easier to be dealt with and also easier to be observed and thus solved better. The bottles will also give us energy needed for possible move, so that we might do what we really want. Therefore, we can experinece our new opportunities and adopt them into our repertoire.

What makes Aura-soma so attractive? What makes people so human? It´s our feelings and emotions. We make our feelings confusing throughout our lives and we tend to hide many painful experiences in our hearts or we usually set ourselves apart from them. We don´t want to see them as it would only represent another hurtful experience. But we should return to our own feelings. The bottles are like friends that allow us to return to the world of colours.

Aura-soma is therapy of the soul. The therapy of soul is aiming towards love. The healing is love. After getting to know ourselves better we can stop making chaos in our lives and only then we will be able to turn our attention towards love.

The price list of Aura-soma products :

Balance S 25 ml
510,- Kč
Balance B 50 ml
660,- Kč
Quintessence 50 ml
500,- Kč
Quintessence spray 2,5 ml
120,- Kč
Quintessence refresher 120ml  
490,- Kč
Tinctures 30 ml
500,- Kč
Shampoos 250 ml
240,- Kč
Eye illuminator  
340,- Kč
Pocket rescue - plastic pack 8 bottles
370,- Kč
Chacra set 7 bottles
3.090,- Kč
Pomander 50 ml
500,- Kč
Pomander spray 2,5 ml
120,- Kč
Soap sea-wead  
90,- Kč
After shave water  
330,- Kč
Test set of balances 103 bottles x 4 ml
11.500,- Kč

Distributor doesn´t sell the Master and Angelic set separately, but it´s possible to collect it together out from the individual bottles. The distributor offers 10% discount, therefore the price is 3.090,- CZK

Should you be interested in setting up the Angelic and Master sets, our company will offer you also 10% discount. The Angelic set contains 9 bottles, the Master set 15.


Make your orientation pick of bottles.

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