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Archangel esences

The light of archangels comes in the form of eight scents of Aura-soma...

The home of archangels is the world of fire, that is symbolic expression of love, kindness, care, concentration, power and connection. There were many reasons for creating the archangels esences. Archangels as the part of spiritual hierarchy present the spirit of fire. The name archangels (AarchAngeloi) come from the Greek and Hebrew sources. They are presented as the Divine messengers in the Christian esothery.

They also help to individuals in the process of their personal growth. The hierarchy of archangels works with human beings especially in the times of transformations, as are for example the time between death and new birth. During such periods the weeds are being prepared from which the circumstances of new life may arise, according to which way the individual soul should develop. The archangels esences may stimulate the memories on these weeds, on this beforhand input potential, and this way they help us to realize what intetion is hiding behind the given occurrences.

They come to us in the recent times on the request of spiritual hierarchy to encourage the buds of higher plan that is developing on Earth. They interact with help of aetherical body that is capable to perceive the extra terrestrial, cosmic influences and powers. Archangels are the defenders of people and all living creatures. They often come in times of crises when their defence and guidance is inevitable. Their presence brings the pleasure into our lives, the happiness and inspiration of conscious attempts of developing the earthly paradise within our lives and that of the whole society. The message of the archangels is to support the positive changes on all levels.

The archangels esences bring the real inspiration of spirit. They have the exact intensity of vibrations that correspond with aura field of human being. Because the acrhangels work mainly with the collective level (the yhelp to families, groups, towns and countries), their influence on a human consists in helping him to better realize his bond to wider society. This way they also cooperate on the main process of Aura-Soma, the process of individualization, on the path of awakening of turquise colour within us, the centre ananda-khanda.

These esences brings us the more personal connection with archangels through the fine-material bodies. After their application people can experience the wavering or light creeps in the physical body, which proves that the new energies entered their aura fields. As soon as the physical body recalls these energies, it usually calls out the states of happiness nad fullfillment.

Archangel Michael
Cleans the way towards the opening our heart. The energy of this esence support us in the process of depriving of deep fears and anxieties.

Archangel Gabriel
Helps us to find the strenght to be honest and true to ourselves.

Archangel Raphael
His healing balsam of peace brings the sense of tranquility and complexity.

Archangel Uriel
Supports our hrowth, clearness of seeing and inutitive perceiving.

Archangel Sandalfon
Helps to understand the meaning of wider community and mutual human congruousity.

Archangel Cadkiel
Gives the chance of rebirth and new perspective in our perceiving and grasping the love

Archangel Metatron
Helps us to perceive and strenghten our mind for wealthiness of all people, their tallents, qualities and potential that dozes in them.

Archangel Jophiel
Offers us the possibilty to perceive the higher truth, hope and harmony.

Aplly the chosen esence by disperse into your aura: over the left shoulder, over the head and right shoulder. Let the small drops of esence reach onto your fine-material bodies and perceive the feelings that you have.
In the little bottles made of purple glass with disperse, volume 20ml.

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